This book empowers teachers to support student activists. The authors examine arguments for promoting student activism, explore state and national curriculum standards, suggest activist projects, and report examples of student individual and group activism. By offering suggestions for engaging students as activists across the K-12 curriculum and by including the stories of student activists who became lifetime activists, the book demonstrates how activism can serve to bolster democracy and be a component of rich, experiential learning. Including interviews with student and teacher activists, this volume highlights issues such as racial and immigrant justice, anti-gun violence, and climate change.

Introduction;  1 Student Activism and Civics Education;  2 A Wave of Student Activism;  3 Pablo’s Story ;  4 Alan’s Story;  5 What do state and national standards say?;  6 Pablo’s Pedagogy ;  7 Rights and Responsibilities as Teachers;  8 Integrating Activism Across the K-12 Curriculum;  9 Undocumented Immigrants and Immigration Reform;  10 Forum Club;   11 New York and Slavery Walking Tour;  12 Uniondale Students Protest Gun Violence ;  13 Hempstead Freedom Walkers;  14 Save Our Schools;  15 Occupy Wall Street;  16 Metal Detectors in Schools;  17 Citizenship for the 21st Century