Discussing contemporary popular films from Anglophonic, Asian, European and Latin American cinema, this book analyses trans themed fiction cinema that attempts to challenge, and even revise, transphobic stereotypes.

Informed by key debates within transfeminism, queer theory and contemporary trans studies, this culturally oriented book critiques the representation of trans characters in a range of cinematic genres (the musical; period costume drama; road movies and action cinema) and discusses how trans identifications have been coded in specific narrative strategies (coming out narrative; coming of age drama; romance narratives). This timely discussion considers if we really have reached ‘The Transgender Tipping Point’ where the trans rights movement has attained such momentum that contemporary society is critically re-evaluating ideas of gendered identification.

This is an important and accessible for students studying courses in Gender Studies, Gender and Media and Gender and Pop Culture.

Introduction: Transing Genres; 1: Film Musicals; 2: Heritage Cinema; 3: Road Movies; 4: Melodrama; 5: Coming of Age Dramas;  6: Romance; Conclusion: Gender Critical Feminism