The Wounded Researcher addresses the crises of epistemological violence when we fail to consider that a researcher is addressed by and drawn into a work through his or her complexes. Using a Jungian-Archetypal perspective, this book argues that the bodies of knowledge we create degenerate into ideologies, which are the death of critical thinking, if the complexity of the research process is ignored. Writing with soul in mind invites us to consider how we might write down the soul in writing up our research.

Acknowledgments. Preface. Prologue: Falling into the Work. Introduction: Towards a Poetics of the Research Process. Part I: Theory. Soul and the Complex of Psychology. Re-search: Under the Spell of Orpheus. An Imaginal Approach to Re-search. Part II: Process. Re-search as Vocation. The Transference Field between the Researcher and the Work. The Transference Field: Student Examples. Part III: Method. Recovering the Soul of Method. Hermeneutics and the Circle of Understanding. Towards a Hermeneutics of Deep Subjectivity. Alchemical Hermeneutics: Part One. Alchemical Hermeneutics: Part Two. Part IV: Implications. Writing down the Soul. Towards an Ethical Epistemology. Prologue: Letting Go of the Work. Appendix. Notes. Index.