This book, first published in 1984, has both a geomorphic and a hydrologic message. It examines and analyses the role of groundwater in landscapes in a series of articles by authors of diverse backgrounds and experience.

1. Rates of Soil Formation John E. Foss and Antonio V. Segovia  2. Piping and Sapping: Development of Landforms by Groundwater Outflow Charles G. Higgins  3. Near-Surface Groundwater and Evolution of Structurally Controlled Streams in Soft Sediments Zeev Berger and Jacob Aghassy  4. Landforms and Soils of the Tropics Antonio V. Segovia and John E. Foss  5. Role of Subterranean Water in Landform Development in Tropical and Subtropical Regions C. Rowland Twidale  6. Potential Effects of Acid Rain on Glaciated Terrain William W. Shilts  7. Hydrologic Classification of Caves and Karst John E. Mylroie  8. Geomorphic Interpretation of Features Arthur N. Palmer  9. Theory and Model for Global Carbonate Solution by Groundwater John J. Drake  10. Rate Processes: Chemical Kinetics and Karst Landform Development William B. White  11. Theoretical Considerations on Simulation of Karstic Aquifers James J. Cullen IV and Robert G. LaFleur  12. Role of Groundwater in Shaping the Eastern Coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico William Back, Bruce B. Hanshaw and J. Nicholas Van Driel  13. Karst Landform Development Along the Cumberland Plateau Escarpment of Tennessee Nicholas C. Crawford  14. Karst Groundwater Activity and Landform Genesis in Modern Permafrost Regions of Canada Derek C. Ford  15. Hydrogeomorphic Evolution of Karsted Plateaus in Response to Regional Rectonism Ernst H. Kastning, Jr.