In this seminal work on the clinical, archetypal and spiritual dimension of trauma, the author offers a compelling vision of the transformative potential of suffering and the dialectic of Dying and Becoming. Wirtz outlines a healing path from fragmentation to integration and illuminates the resilience of the human spirit in the face of severe trauma. Trauma and Beyond will be essential reading and a valuable resource for counsellors, therapists and Jungian analysts who are challenged in their practice with individual and collective traumata.

chapter |8 pages


part I|129 pages

The Spiritual Lens: Dying and Becoming

chapter Chapter One|19 pages

Unveiling the Face of Trauma

chapter Chapter Two|22 pages

Trauma as a Spiritual Experience

chapter Chapter Three|18 pages

Trauma as a Crisis of Meaning

chapter Chapter Four|28 pages

The Transformative Power of Suffering

chapter Chapter Five|14 pages

Beyond Embitterment

chapter Chapter Six|21 pages

Trauma through the Mythological Lens

part II|203 pages

The Clinical Lens

chapter Chapter Seven|34 pages

Retrieving Soul: Echoes of the Red Book in Trauma Therapy

chapter Chapter Eight|26 pages

Circumambulating Complementarity

chapter Chapter Nine|30 pages

The Crucible of Transformation: The Mercurial Psyche

chapter Chapter Ten|29 pages

Transcendence, Trauma, and Sacrifice

chapter Chapter Eleven|22 pages

Sacrifice of the Self

chapter Chapter Twelve|31 pages

The Traumatic Dimensions of Sacrifice

chapter Chapter Thirteen|17 pages

Trauma and the Body: Portal to the Source

chapter Chapter Fourteen|5 pages