Using a concise question and answer format, The Perception of Time: Your Questions Answered examines basic temporal processes and the ways in which our perception of time can be altered.

Divided into three parts, the book provides a contemporary overview of the study of the temporal mind. It begins by introducing the fundamental processes of time perception; how it can be measured, how it can be hindered, and to what extent it can be enhanced. It proceeds to explain how cognitive and psychological disorders, such as schizophrenia, ADHD, and anxiety can be linked to temporal dysfunction, and answers common questions that face us all: why does time seem to go faster as we age? How do our emotions affect our perception of time? How does our relationship with time differ from others?

Providing comprehensive answers to the most pertinent questions of time perception, this book is an ideal companion for advanced students and researchers interested in the psychology of time.

part 1|73 pages

Basic Temporal Processes

chapter 4|7 pages

Do We Have an Internal Clock?

chapter 10|6 pages

How Does Space Affect Time Judgments?

chapter 11|7 pages

What Factors Cause Temporal Distortions?

part 2|44 pages

Time and Pathologies

part 3|50 pages

Personal and Social Time