Helping Survivors of Authoritarian Parents, Siblings, and Partners considers the notion of the authoritarian personality in a family context and examines the extent to which authoritarians traumatize the people closest to them. Building on primary research, Dr. Maisel presents first-person accounts of life with authoritarian family members and provides clinicians and other professionals with tactics and strategies for helping clients who struggle with the impact of these experiences. This unique look at authoritarians at home serves to redefine the authoritarian personality, expand our understanding of family trauma, and give voice to the silent epidemic of authoritarian wounding.

chapter 2|8 pages

The Aggression Cluster

chapter 3|8 pages

Please Break My Rules!

chapter 4|7 pages

Walking on Eggshells

chapter 5|7 pages

I. Hate. My. Mother.

chapter 6|7 pages

Perfection Was the Minimum

chapter 7|7 pages

Whole Scarred Families

chapter 8|8 pages

The Exploitation Cluster

chapter 9|8 pages

Exploiting Ignorance

chapter 10|8 pages

Exploiting Religion and Religiosity

chapter 11|6 pages

Some Cat Toys and Freedom

chapter 12|7 pages

My Hansel and Gretel Life

chapter 13|8 pages

The Narcissism Cluster

chapter 14|7 pages

Narcissism, Conventionality, and Passivity

chapter 15|7 pages

Killing the Family Dog

chapter 16|7 pages

Consequences: Depression

chapter 17|11 pages

Consequences: Anxiety

chapter 18|7 pages

Consequences: Addiction

chapter 19|7 pages

Consequences: Physical Complaints

chapter 20|7 pages

Consequences: Repetition Compulsion

chapter 21|7 pages

What You Can Expect

chapter 22|7 pages

Bringing Up Authoritarian Wounding

chapter 23|8 pages

Trauma-Informed Care

chapter 24|8 pages

Existential Care

chapter 25|7 pages

Interpersonal, Relational, and Family Help

chapter 28|7 pages

My 15 Learnings