In the eighth, revised edition of this book, Ronald J. Compesi offers a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to the  aesthetics of small-scale, single-camera video production in field environments, from planning through postproduction, in a range of different programming formats. Written in an accessible, student-friendly style, this new edition has been significantly updated and revised throughout to reflect current technology and industry practices, including shooting with DSLR cameras, in HD and on smartphones, new methods and channels of distribution, and much more.

Key features and updates to the eighth edition include:

  • A focus on small-scale video production, involving a minimum amount of field equipment and a small crew, offering creative solutions for video producers with limited resources and personnel;
  • Discussions of HD and 4K technology/acquisition, LED lighting, shooting with DSLR cameras and smartphones, new online distribution channels;
  • Over 300 photos and line art, in full-color for the first time, illustrating production processes, technical issues and equipment, and illuminating key aesthetic elements;
  • An eResource with downloadable production planning documents, links to further online resources, production project exercises, and sample test questions.

With over 40 years of teaching and production experience, Ronald J. Compesi offers an up-to-date and essential introduction to the art of small-scale video production in field environments in the new edition of this groundbreaking text, in print since 1985.

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 2|28 pages

Preproduction and Production Planning

chapter 3|19 pages

The Video Camera

chapter 4|9 pages

Video Recording

chapter 5|19 pages

Operating the Video Camcorder

chapter 6|15 pages

The Camera Lens

chapter 7|23 pages

Visualization and Composition

chapter 8|23 pages

Lighting 1

Technical Aspects of Lighting

chapter 9|15 pages

Lighting 2

Aesthetic Factors

chapter 10|27 pages

Sound 1

Sound and Microphone Basics

chapter 11|14 pages

Sound 2

Sound Design and Field Sound Recording

chapter 12|26 pages

Video Editing Techniques

chapter 13|12 pages

Nonlinear Video Editing

chapter 14|11 pages

Postproduction Graphic Design

chapter 15|3 pages


Ethics and Video Production