Arguing that an inter-generational war is brewing in the United States, this book paints a picture of the "ageing of America" and what it means for politics and policy questions, including social security, health care, crime, jobs, social welfare, defence and foreign affairs. Differences between older and younger citizens are examined in the light of voting and registration patterns, ideological and party preferences, and varieties of political activism. Contemporary media and new technologies are highlighted as sources of disparities and bridges between the generations - how they "watch politics", how they prefer to solve social problems, and how inter-generational understanding may be improved through communication and education.

An Overview of the Changing Age Profile -- The Nation’s Changing Age Profile: What Does It Mean? -- Political Participation Differences -- Using the Ballot Box: Registering and Voting -- Activism in Political Parties and Election Campaigns -- Individual and Group Activism: From Writing Letters to Running for Office -- Differences in Public Policy Preferences and Priorities -- Taxing and Spending Preferences: Different Generational Priorities? -- Domestic and Foreign Policy: Generational Outlooks and Preferences -- Projections for the Future -- How Wide the Generational Divide? Changes over Time