This book introduces the first champions of the cause of charity toward the sick and wounded: the Genevan philanthropists and physicians. It focuses on the international Red Cross movement from the first Geneva conference in 1863 until the Tenth Conference in 1921.

part One|362 pages

The Civilizing Mission

chapter |355 pages

A Happy Coincidence

chapter 2|314 pages

The Dele of Humanity

part Two|294 pages

The Militarization of Charity

chapter 3|272 pages

Trial by Combat

chapter 4|234 pages

Humanity & Patriotism

chapter 5|195 pages

Organizing for War

part Three|130 pages

The Pains of Rebirth

chapter 6|124 pages

Victory & Virtue

chapter 7|86 pages

New Wine & Old Bottles

chapter |61 pages

Conclusion: Champions of Charity