Increasing global economic integration and recent military interventions in the name of human rights have forced questions of global justice into political discussions. In presenting a systematic account of global duties of justice, Cosmopolitan Justice departs from many contemporary accounts that take the scope of justice to be limited to the state or nation. Is the unequal distribution of wealth across the globe just? Are the most indebted countries obliged to pay back their loans to international financial institutions? Does respecting state sovereignty prohibit intervening in the affairs of other states? What is the moral basis of international law? Cosmopolitan Justice takes on these questions and much more.

chapter |6 pages


A Tale of Two Tendencies in International Law

chapter THREE|38 pages

The Borders of Justice

chapter FOUR|34 pages

Global Egalitarianism and Imperialism

chapter |6 pages

Concluding Remarks

Toward an Egalitarian World Order