Only several years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, nuclear security issues are again at the forefront of international concern. This timely collection addresses issues of cleanup at Chernobyl and other sites of nuclear disasters, nuclear smuggling, safety concerns in the Ukrainian and Russian nuclear industries, and Ukraine’s negotiations with Russia and the West regarding the transference of its nuclear weapons to Russia. Preeminent scholars in their fields, the contributors provide up-to-the-minute information and fresh insights into questions critical to the future of the former Soviet Union and to Russian and Ukrainian relations with the West.

Introduction: Non-Rational Assessment of Risk and the Development of Civilian Nuclear Power -- Nuclear Power in the Former USSR: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives -- Ukraine, Russia, and the Question of Nuclear Safety -- The U.S.-Russia Joint Electric Power Alternatives Study: Nuclear Safety Implications -- Nuclear Power and Civil Society in Post-Soviet Russia -- Ukraine as a Nuclear Weapons Power -- Nuclear Smuggling from the Former Soviet Union 1