This is the third of four volumes compiled in honor of Juan J. Linz and edited by H. E. Chehabi, Richard Gunther, Alfred Stepan, and Arturo Valenzuela. Each volume presents original research and theoretical essays by Linz's distinguished collaborators, students, teachers, and friends, as well as overviews of his enormous contributions to Spanish and Latin American studies, comparative politics, and sociology.In Volume III, leading Latin American scholars evaluate Juan Linz's contribution to the study of Latin American politics, in particular his influence on studies dealing with authoritarianism, democratic breakdown, public opinion, regime transition, and the institutional conditions needed for stable democracy.

* Introduction: Juan Linz and the Study of Latin American Politics Scott Mainwaring. * The Failure of Presidential Authoritarianism: Transition in Mexico Miguel Angel Centeno. * Communist States as Ideocracies? Lessons from Cuba Susan Eckstein. * The Pinochet Regime: A Comparative Analysis with the Franco Regime Carlos Huneeus. * Political Continuities, Missed Opportunities, and Institutional Rigidities: Another Look at Democratic Transitions in Latin America Jonathan Hartlyn. * The Crisis of Presidentialism in Latin America Arturo Valenzuela. * Juan Linz, Presidentialism, and Democracy: A Critical Appraisal S. Mainwaring and Matthew S. Shugart. * The Evolution of Latin American Party Systems Michael Coppedge. * Regionalism and Federalism in Brazil, 18891937 Joseph L. Love. * Macro Comparisons without the Pitfalls: A Protocol for Comparative Research J. Samuel Valenzuela.