Intended for the general public, the readings in this collection explore the roots of American law from pre-history to ancient Greece and Rome and the common law of England. America's legal development is traced from the drafting of the Constitution to the Rehnquist Court. Themes along the way include the ?Golden Age? of the early nineteenth century, when American law took on its distinctive character, the impact of slavery and the Civil War, and the struggles of the Progressives to regulate the nation's industrialized economy between the post-Civil War era and the New Deal. A reading on the Nuremberg Trials introduces the theme of international human rights, while post-war readings trace the nation's legal confrontations over civil liberties, civil rights, the rights of women, the protection of the environment, and legal protections for those accused of crimes. Dramatic highlights include the Sacco-Vanzetti case, the internment of Japanese-Americans during the Second World War, the trial of the ?Chicago Eight? during the Vietnam War, and the Watergate scandal. Leading personalities include Sirs Edward Coke and William Blackstone in England, Chief Justices John Marshall and Earl Warren, Justices Stephen J. Field, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Louis D. Brandeis, and Felix Frankfurter, and Judge Learned Hand. Readings on the future of American law explore the impact of alternative dispute resolution, science and technology, globalization, and space exploration, as well as trends in the legal profession and in legal philosophy.

part 1|67 pages

The Roots of American Law

chapter 1|11 pages

The Origins of Law

chapter 2|18 pages

Ancient Law

chapter 3|10 pages

Medieval Europe

chapter 4|16 pages

The Rights of Englishmen

chapter 5|10 pages

The English Legal System

part 2|388 pages

The Growth of American Law

chapter 6|18 pages

From Thirteen Colonies to United States

chapter 7|13 pages

Federalists versus Republicans

chapter 8|18 pages

The Golden Age

chapter 9|14 pages

The Jacksonian Era

chapter 10|22 pages


chapter 11|14 pages

The Civil War

chapter 12|13 pages

Reconstruction and Formalism

chapter 13|14 pages

The Life of the Law

chapter 14|13 pages

The Progressive Movement

chapter 15|27 pages

Federal Regulation

chapter 16|21 pages

War and Civil Liberties

chapter 17|17 pages

The 1920s and the New Deal

chapter 18|21 pages

War and Civil Liberties II

chapter 19|24 pages

The Aftermath of War

chapter 20|19 pages

The Cold War

chapter 21|21 pages

The Civil Rights Revolution

chapter 22|15 pages

The Warren Court

chapter 23|25 pages

The Vietnam War

chapter 24|13 pages

From Protests to Scandals

chapter 25|11 pages

The Expansion of Civil Rights

chapter 26|15 pages

Consumerism and Environmentalism

chapter 27|18 pages

The Late Twentieth Century

part 3|77 pages

American Law in the Twenty-First Century

chapter 28|12 pages

The Legal Profession

chapter 29|14 pages

Access to Law

chapter 30|12 pages

Science and Technology

chapter 31|15 pages

The World Community

chapter 32|10 pages

The Last Frontier

chapter 33|12 pages

Legal Philosophy