In this clear and concise volume, author David Chandler provides a timely overview of Cambodia, a small but increasingly visible Southeast Asian nation. Praised by the Journal of Asian Studies as an ''original contribution, superior to any other existing work'', this acclaimed text has now been completely revised and updated to include material examining the early history of Cambodia, whose famous Angkorean ruins now attract more than one million tourists each year, the death of Pol Pot, and the revolution and final collapse of the Khmer Rouge. The fourth edition reflects recent research by major scholars as well as Chandler's long immersion in the subject and contains an entirely new section on the challenges facing Cambodia today, including an analysis of the current state of politics and sociology and the increasing pressures of globalization. This comprehensive overview of Cambodia will illuminate, for undergraduate students as well as general readers, the history and contemporary politics of a country long misunderstood.

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 2|22 pages

The Beginnings of Cambodian History

chapter 3|30 pages

Kingship and Society at Angkor

chapter 5|28 pages

Cambodia After Angkor

chapter 7|26 pages

The Crisis of the Nineteenth Century

chapter 9|24 pages

Cambodia’s Response to France, 1916–45

chapter 10|22 pages

Gaining Independence

chapter 11|22 pages

From Independence to Civil War

chapter 12|22 pages

Revolution in Cambodia

chapter 13|24 pages

Cambodia Since 1979