This book is concerned with Western activity in the southeast Asia and the indigenous reaction to it. It deals with the traditions of the people of Southeast Asia, traditions that, apply to both urban and rural populations. The book includes the early European intrusion in insular Southeast Asia.

part I|76 pages

Cultural Heritage

chapter 1|16 pages

The Land and Its People

chapter 2|19 pages

Early Kingdoms in Mainland Southeast Asia

chapter 3|8 pages

Early Kingdoms Of Sumatra And Java

chapter 6|9 pages

Mainland Southeast Asia

The Consolidations of Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam

part 2|50 pages

Colonial Interlude

chapter 7|11 pages

The English and Dutch in the East Indies

chapter 9|13 pages

Pride and Paramountcy

Anglo-Burmese Relations in the Nineteenth Century

chapter 10|7 pages

The French in Vietnam and Cambodia

chapter 11|9 pages

Thailand Remains Independent

part III|55 pages

Nationalist Response

chapter 12|4 pages

Nationalist Movements in Southeast Asia


chapter 14|8 pages

The Nationalist Movements


chapter 15|5 pages

The Nationalist Movements


chapter 16|5 pages

Thailand’s Constitutional Revolution

chapter 17|8 pages

The Nationalist Movements


chapter 18|9 pages

The Nationalist Movements

Malaya, Cambodia, and Laos

part IIII|197 pages

Fruits of Freedom

chapter 19|28 pages

Independent Philippines

chapter 20|22 pages


Toward Integration and Democracy

chapter 21|20 pages


Independence at Any Price

chapter 22|22 pages


Unity amid Diversity

chapter 23|7 pages

East Timor

Birth of a Nation

chapter 24|31 pages

Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei

chapter 26|30 pages

Vietnam and Cambodia Under Communism