First published in 1978. Reading for Slow Learners is a practical guide for teachers, defining the objectives of the reading curriculum, identifying important aspects of teaching method and suggesting various approaches. This title will also be of interest to parents of children with learning difficulties.

part 1|2 pages

The reading curriculum

chapter I|4 pages


chapter II|22 pages

The general reading curriculum

chapter III|8 pages

Phases in the reading curriculum

chapter IV|6 pages

Recording and continuity

chapter VI|8 pages


part 2|2 pages

Techniques and activities

chapter VII|1 pages


chapter VIII|4 pages

Motor-perceptual activities programme

chapter IX|9 pages

Readiness for reading

chapter X|16 pages

The Coventry Technique

chapter XI|6 pages

Auditory-phonic activities

chapter XII|14 pages

Corrective techniques

chapter XIII|20 pages

Remedial programmes

chapter XIV|7 pages

The rebus system

chapter XV|7 pages

Audio-visual methods

chapter XVI|3 pages

The advisory services