Originally published in 1973, this book reconstructs the political and economic organization and the social life of the Tio kingdom at the end of the 19th century by means of a critical synthesis of documentary and ethnographic data. Based on a detailed study of rich docuemntary sources and fieldwork, it analyses the persistent features of Tio social organization and political relations as well as the extensive economic changes associated with the development and later decline of caravan trading at Stanley Pool. It is fully illustrated with maps, tables and diagrams. This book shows the importance for both anthropoligical theory and historical interpreation of obtaining comprehensive data on the state of a particular society at a given time.

chapter I|26 pages


part I|217 pages

The Little Society

chapter II|33 pages


chapter III|22 pages

Residential Groups

chapter IV|25 pages


chapter V|30 pages

The Economics of Subsistence: Production

chapter VI|31 pages

The Economics of Subsistence: Domestic Life

chapter VII|29 pages

Fortune and Misfortune

chapter VIII|22 pages

The Flow of Life: Birth and Death

chapter IX|21 pages

The Inner World

chapter I|2 pages


part II|191 pages

The Wider Society

chapter X|35 pages

The Great Congo Trade

chapter XI|31 pages

The Commercial Economy

chapter XII|27 pages

The Protectors: Lords and Squires

chapter XIII|32 pages

The Resolution of Conflict

chapter XIV|36 pages

The King and His Realm

chapter XV|23 pages

The Kingdom under Iloo

chapter II|5 pages


part III|61 pages

A Perspective Through Time

chapter XVI|31 pages

Tio Society to 1880

chapter III|4 pages