The author believes that studying a therapeutic process closely from its beginning to its termination is one of the best ways to observe, learn, and teach psychoanalytic concepts. This book is unusual since it describes a man's drastic internal psychological changes over forty years. He was thirty-nine years old when he wanted to cut off his wife's head with an axe and he was hospitalized; previous to this incident he had delusions and hallucinations. He died at age eighty-two as a beloved community leader. The author provides clinical illustrations of primitive transference and counter transference manifestations. He defines "satellite states" in which an individual finds a balance between experiencing individuation and remaining dependent on the Other and "crucial juncture" experiences that are necessary to learn how to integrate self and object images and move up the developmental steps. Various concepts such as the replacement child, actualized unconscious phantasy, emotional flooding, and linking interpretation and therapeutic play are explored.

chapter Two|11 pages

A man with three penises and two vaginas

chapter Three|10 pages

My first three months with Attis

chapter Five|9 pages

Thoughts on personality organisations

chapter Six|8 pages

The psychotic core

chapter Seven|10 pages

Beginning outpatient therapy

chapter Eleven|7 pages

Workable transference

chapter Twelve|10 pages

Satellite state and therapeutic play

chapter Thirteen|7 pages

Crucial juncture experiences

chapter Fourteen|6 pages

Physical illnesses and psychic freedom

chapter Fifteen|3 pages