Where the Waters Meet offers the reader a new way of viewing an old subject. So often psychology and counselling therapies have been, and still are, seen as competitors, or even enemies, vying for supremacy as the true religion. This book invites us to take a fresh look at these two fields, each with their own experience and dogma, and view them in a different light. We are introduced to complementarity, an approach through which vital common factors begin to break through the barriers of convention and jargon. This book is written from deeply held convictions about faith and about therapy and emerges from several decades of experience in ordained ministry, and of working as a psychodynamic counsellor. David Buckley is passionate about both the healing process of therapy and the life-giving inspiration of faith. He sees the two not as enemies but as intrinsically linked.

part I|26 pages

Psychology and Religion

chapter ONE|9 pages

Differing approaches

chapter TWO|8 pages


chapter THREE|7 pages


part II|30 pages

Theological and Therapeutic Perspectives

chapter FOUR|10 pages

A theological perspective: panentheism

part III|73 pages

Examples of Complementarity

chapter SIX|14 pages

Responding to evil: splitting and projecting

chapter SEVEN|13 pages

Responding to evil: integration and ambivalence

chapter TEN|17 pages

The Holy Spirit and introjection