This first-class book provides an unrivalled basis for further discussion on to how to make psychotherapy more effective both, ethically and professionally. Above all, psychotherapy is a moral practice. However scientific its research, or however much scientific research is demanded of it, psychotherapy remains a practice born of moral dilemmas, of how we live together, each with the other...Above all, the book is a plea to accept psychotherapy as a profession.

chapter One|17 pages

Taking psychotherapy seriously

chapter Two|30 pages

The case against psychotherapy

chapter Three|25 pages

Is psychotherapy a luxury?

chapter Four|30 pages

The unjust distribution of psychotherapy

chapter Five|21 pages

The social role of psychotherapy

chapter Seven|39 pages

Moral dilemmas within psychotherapy

chapter Eight|22 pages

Psychotherapists: servants of two masters?

chapter Ten|26 pages

Psychotherapy: the makings of a profession

chapter Eleven|10 pages

Epilogue: the future of psychotherapy