This book brings together a deep thoughtfulness about the insights of psychoanalysis and its application to work with troubled couples with an original and closely argued reading of some classic plays about marriage. It will be of use to readers interested in psychoanalysis and literature.

chapter One|34 pages

The Winter's Tale: marriage and re-marriage

chapter Three|21 pages

The gathering of the transference

chapter Four|27 pages

Duet for one? Two people or a couple?

chapter Five|19 pages

Separations and the capacity to mourn

chapter Six|23 pages

That which couples bring to therapy

chapter Seven|16 pages

Couple stories and couple dreams

chapter Eight|19 pages

The uninvited guest

chapter Nine|17 pages

Hell is oneself, the others merely projections

chapter Ten|19 pages

Making the best of a bad job

chapter Eleven|29 pages

A sado-masochistic folie à deux