This is a completely revised and enlarged edition of the well-known classic. In the twenty years since the previous edition was published much progress has been made in regard to the clinical concept of psychoanalysis, and this new edition brings the subject completely up to date. New knowledge of the psychoanalytic process has been added, together with advances in understanding the clinical situation, the treatment alliance, transference, countertransference, resistance, the negative therapeutic reaction, acting out, interpretations and other interventions, insight, and working through. The book is both a readable introduction to the subject and an authorities work of reference.

chapter One|11 pages


chapter Two|10 pages

The analytic situation

chapter Three|14 pages

The treatment alliance

chapter Four|24 pages


chapter Five|19 pages

Further varieties of transference

chapter Six|18 pages


chapter Seven|21 pages


chapter Eight|12 pages

The negative therapeutic reaction

chapter Nine|13 pages

Acting out

chapter Ten|17 pages

Interpretations and other interventions

chapter Eleven|9 pages


chapter Twelve|12 pages

Working through