This book provides inspiration for using mentalization when working with vulnerable children, adolescents, and their families. It includes the basic models of mentalization and provides ways to support the neglected and traumatised to find a better understanding of themselves and their struggles.

chapter |29 pages


part |3 pages

Part 1: Theory and analysis

chapter |11 pages

Mentalization Mentalization

chapter |28 pages

Analysis – treatment

chapter |12 pages

Neglect – symptoms Neglect

part |3 pages

Part 2: Psycho-education

chapter |21 pages

Trauma Diagnostic criteria for PTSD

chapter |8 pages

Dynamics Lies

part |3 pages

Part 3: Tools for the professional

part |3 pages

Part 4: Exercises

chapter |12 pages

Security Security – creating security

chapter |58 pages

Obtaining skills

chapter |4 pages


chapter |1 pages

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