An exploration of the extensive intra-personal, interpersonal and group dynamic landscape of human experience pertinent to the understanding of the human shadow in the training of psychotherapists. Using phenomenological enquiry this book invites unique, in-depth experiences, provides new insights and addresses the complexities and diversities inherent in the emergence and containment of shadow experience in psychotherapy training. This book takes the reader through a process of qualitative research and invites the reader to explore his or her own relationships to the love of others, through the exploration of all the things that love is not. It argues that without hate we cannot truly love. Interspersed throughout the book are suggestions for personal exploration and it is hoped that reading this book will both stimulate practitioners to a process of self-reflection and questioning, and also support practitioner researchers in their own journey to self-understanding.

chapter ONE|9 pages

Surveying the crossing

chapter TWO|82 pages

Taking in provisions

chapter THREE|19 pages

Charting the waters

chapter FOUR|10 pages

Navigating a route

chapter FIVE|17 pages

Weathering the storm

chapter SIX|43 pages

Life at sea

chapter SEVEN|35 pages

Be calmed

chapter EIGHT|10 pages

The journey ends; the journey begins