The book is grounded upon the author's extensive professional involvement with physical diseases that are a powerful expression of the patients' emotional themes and life-stories. They are meaning-full diseases. They occur commonly, and are the most compelling argument for an urgent acknowledgment of the role of meanings in the healing process. Following the pattern of his first book, Somatic Illness and the Patient's Other Story, the author shows in case after case that listening and responding to the "story" of patients suffering from persistent physical diseases frequently leads to major reversal of the disease processes. This present book takes a crucial second step. There must be an understandable basis for meaning-full diseases. Resistance to them relates in part to the inability of current Western scientific and biomedical theories to explain them. The author sets out to construct conceptual frameworks, within which clinicians and patients can see that a close relationship between life experience and the appearance of physical disease really does make sense.

chapter One|14 pages

The phenomena

chapter Two|11 pages

Colliding mind-sets

chapter Three|9 pages

Somatic metaphors

chapter Four|15 pages

Language-making and disease

chapter Five|16 pages

Meaning-full disease explorers

chapter Six|14 pages

Disease as communication

chapter Seven|14 pages

Who 'sees' meaning-full disease?

chapter Eight|9 pages

Meaning-full disease and the lebenswelt

chapter Nine|10 pages

Meaning-full disease and the 'visible'

chapter Eleven|23 pages

The scheming body

chapter Twelve|32 pages

Experience as a 'fundamental'

chapter Thirteen|15 pages

Meaning-full disease and spirit