Throughout life we undergo many changes in our circumstances, beginnings and endings of relationships, gains and losses. This book highlights the emotional turmoil which, to a greater or lesser extent, accompanies these changes. It considers the nature of the anxieties aroused by a new situation and the ending of a previous state at various stages in life. Endings and beginnings are shown to be closely related, for every new situation entered into, more often than not, involves having to let go of some of the advantages of the previous one as well as losing what is familiar and facing fear of the unknown. The author shows how all these aspects of change evoke primitive anxieties, stemming from our earliest experiences of coming into this world. While beginning life outside holds the promise of a wider, more enriching existence it involves the loss of the known, relative safety of life inside mother's body. Moreover, the human newborn is at first utterly helpless, totally dependent on others to keep him alive.

chapter Two|12 pages

From life inside mother to life outside

chapter Three|8 pages

Separateness and new connections

chapter Four|11 pages


chapter Five|8 pages

Becoming a child in the family

chapter Six|10 pages

Going to nursery

chapter Seven|11 pages

Beginnings and endings in school

chapter Nine|13 pages

Getting married

chapter Ten|20 pages

Becoming a parent

chapter Eleven|15 pages


chapter Twelve|14 pages


chapter Thirteen|14 pages

Growing old and facing death