Schizophrenia is the central problem in the sciences of the mind, not only for its etiological, psychopathological and clinical aspects, but also because of its implications for therapy and rehabilitation. In this volume the author describes a series of new scientific and clinical perspectives for schizophrenia influenced by cognitivist and constructivist approaches and informed by the logic of complexity and non-linear, dynamic systems. The author delineates a new complex theory of the brain and a procedural theory of the mind, founded on the concept of the modular brain and the coalitional mind. Subsequently, the author develops a multi-factorial conceptualization of the etiological dynamic and an original, complex, and evolutionary perspective concerning the psychotic condition, which has been redefined, in this case, as Entropy of the Mind or Phrenentropy. In conclusion, the author illustrates an innovative, integrated protocol, denominated Negative Entropy, for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with schizophrenia.

part TWO|144 pages

Entropy of Mind or Phrenentropy

chapter THREE|40 pages

Etiology and Pathogenesis

chapter FOUR|102 pages


part THREE|160 pages

Negative Entropy

chapter SEVEN|17 pages

The Setting

chapter NINE|52 pages


chapter TEN|10 pages


chapter ELEVEN|13 pages


chapter TWELVE|16 pages

The Prevention of Stigma

chapter THIRTEEN|6 pages

Piero's Story