Starting with research by Nobel laureate Roger Sperry into split-brain patients, this book sets out the evidence that there is a conscious mind in each hemisphere of the human brain. Two forms of consciousness are distinguished, and the difference in the consciousness of each mind revealed. The two different pathways within the human visual system and their effect on human behaviour are described, as well as differences in the memories formed by each mind. Evidence for two minds in the intact human brain is analysed, including psychological experiments and every-day experiences such as sleep-walking and driving on "automatic pilot". Reasons are suggested to explain why the evidence from split-brain patients has been largely ignored, and the views of six authors who have addressed the issue are considered. The presence of two minds - each with its own memories, thoughts, desires, and decisions that are inaccessible to the other - has important implications for all those whose work involves the mind, including psychologists, psycho-therapists and lawyers.

part I|56 pages

The Background

chapter One|7 pages

The case outlined

chapter Two|6 pages

The human brain

chapter Three|9 pages

What is mind?

chapter Four|8 pages


chapter Five|6 pages


chapter Six|8 pages

The two visual pathways

chapter Seven|6 pages


part II|56 pages

The Evidence

chapter Eight|6 pages

Split-brain evidence for two minds

chapter Nine|7 pages

Differences in visual processing

chapter Ten|5 pages

Some questions answered

chapter Eleven|6 pages

Some experimental evidence

chapter Twelve|6 pages

Divided memories/divided attention

chapter Thirteen|5 pages

Consciousness and sleep

chapter Fourteen|7 pages

Mind and emotion

chapter Fifteen|6 pages


part III|65 pages


chapter Sixteen|6 pages

Why is split-brain data ignored?

chapter Seventeen|9 pages

Why minds and not systems?

chapter Eighteen|8 pages

What makes a person?

chapter Nineteen|11 pages

A confusion of dichotomies

chapter Twenty|7 pages

Why is consciousness confusing?

chapter Twenty-One|8 pages

Consciousness, awareness, and attention

chapter Twenty-Two|9 pages

Where now?