Illustrated with Barbara Hepworth's abstract stone carving, with other works of art, and with fascinating vignettes from Adrian Stokes's writing, this biography highlights his revolutionary emphasis on the materials-led inspiration of architecture, sculpture, painting, and the avant-garde creations of the Ballets Russes. In also detailing Stokes's role as catalyst of the transformation of St Ives in Cornwall into an internationally-acclaimed centre of modern art, and his falling in love again in his early forties, this biography shows how Stokes used all these experiences, together with his many years of psychoanalytic treatment by Melanie Klein, in forging insights about ways the outer world gives form to the inner world of fantasy and imagination.

part I|59 pages

Childhood and Youth

chapter One|9 pages

Early years

chapter Two|6 pages


chapter Three|8 pages

East and west

chapter Four|13 pages

Sitwell protégé

chapter Five|19 pages

Sigismondo Malatesta and Ezra Pound

part II|64 pages

Psychoanalysis and Fame

chapter Six|12 pages


chapter Seven|9 pages

Stone alive

chapter Eight|12 pages


chapter Nine|9 pages

Ballets Russes

chapter Ten|10 pages

Colour and form

chapter Eleven|8 pages

Euston Road

part III|57 pages

Outer and Inner Life

chapter Twelve|17 pages

Transforming St Ives

chapter Thirteen|13 pages

Inside out

chapter Fourteen|16 pages

Love and divorce

chapter Fifteen|7 pages

Outside in

part IV|93 pages

Psychoanalytic Aesthetics

chapter Sixteen|10 pages

Smooth and rough

chapter Seventeen|19 pages

Psychoanalysing Michelangelo

chapter Eighteen|11 pages

Klein’s portrait*

chapter Nineteen|9 pages

Hampstead again

chapter Twenty|14 pages

Chaos contained

chapter Twenty-One|7 pages

Reflections on the nude

chapter Twenty-Two|6 pages

More about Ariadne

chapter Twenty-Three|11 pages

Renewed fame