This book presents many correlations which link remarkable theories from Bion with a detailed selection of the author's personal clinical experiences. It demonstrates the real existence of conditions that allow dialogue and clinical investigation by the analytic pair.

part I|86 pages

The Multi-Dimension Grid

chapter Chapter One|16 pages

Scientific research in psychoanalysis

chapter Chapter Three|28 pages

A hexa-dimension grid?

chapter Chapter Four|14 pages

A multi-dimension grid and a negative grid

part II|46 pages

Free Associations and Free-Floating Attention

chapter Chapter Five|26 pages

Freie Einfälle: the verbal irruption of the unknown

chapter Chapter Six|18 pages

Free-floating attention: the personal factor

part III|94 pages

Epistemology and Truth

part IV|40 pages


chapter Chapter Ten|38 pages

A sixth basic assumption?