This book presents the clinical application of Bion's ideas and deals with the author's personal analytic experience, which echoes the experience of other practising analysts. It examines the cultural and historical antecedents, especially including the philosophical and scientific points of view.

part I|1 pages

Extensions into the Realm of Minus

chapter One|8 pages


chapter Two|22 pages

The realm of Minus and the negative

chapter Three|26 pages

Clinical sources

chapter Four|18 pages

The hypothesis: a versus link

part II|1 pages

Here and Now

chapter Five|32 pages

Bion’s Trilogy and its reception

part III|1 pages

Analytic Function

chapter Seven|8 pages

An analytic “compass” and “sextant”

chapter Nine|20 pages

“Geography” to detect triadic syndromes

chapter Ten|19 pages

An anti-alpha function