Originally published in 1934, and inevitably a product of the time in which it was published this book nevertheless remains an important volume in African sociology and psychology. Topics such as race, economics, family and kinship, tribal organization, ritual and the supernatural, language and education are discussed in a balanced way, especially given the era of publication.

chapter I|17 pages

Anthropology and Practical Work in Africa

chapter II|11 pages

Man and Race in Africa 1

chapter III|21 pages

Some Observations on the Negro’s Mind

chapter IV|43 pages

The Economic Bases of Life

chapter V|15 pages

Arts and Crafts

chapter VI|40 pages

Life in the Family

chapter VII|11 pages

The Group and the Individual 1

chapter VIII|19 pages

Old and New Governments

chapter IX|28 pages

The Supernatural World

chapter X|35 pages

Education and Missions

chapter XI|22 pages

Language and Education

chapter XII|38 pages

Disintegration and Reintegration

chapter XIII|36 pages

The Clash of Races

chapter |3 pages