The Atlantic World: Essays on Slavery, Migration, and Imagination brings together ten original essays that explore the many connections between the Old and New Worlds in the early modern period. Divided into five sets of paired essays, it examines the role of specific port cities in Atlantic history, aspects of European migration, the African dimension, and the ways in which the Atlantic world has been imagined.

This second edition has been updated and expanded to contain two new chapters on revolutions and abolition, which discuss the ways in which two of the main pillars of the Atlantic world—empire and slavery—met their end. Both essays underscore the importance of the Caribbean in the profound transformation of the Atlantic world in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. This edition also includes a revised introduction that incorporates recent literature, providing students with references to the key historiographical debates, and pointers of where the field is moving to inspire their own research.

Supported further by a range of maps and illustrations, The Atlantic World: Essays on Slavery, Migration, and Imagination is the ideal book for students of Atlantic History.

chapter |59 pages


The Rise and Transformation of the Atlantic World

part |22 pages


chapter |22 pages

Life on the Margins

Boston’s Anxieties of Influence in the Atlantic World

part |19 pages

European Migration

chapter |19 pages

Adventurers Across the Atlantic

English Migration to the New World, 1580–1780

chapter |23 pages

Searching for Prosperity

German Migration to the British American Colonies, 1680–1780

part |24 pages

The African Dimension

chapter |24 pages

Identity and Migration

The Atlantic in Comparative Perspective 1

chapter |26 pages

Transatlantic Transformations

The Origins and Identity of Africans in the Americas

part |15 pages


chapter |15 pages

Whose Centers and Peripheries?

Eighteenth-Century Intellectual History in Atlantic Perspective