Coaching has become a global business phenomenon, yet the way that coaching has evolved and spread across the globe is not unproblematic. Some of these challenges include: different types/genres of coaching; understanding and relevance of different coaching philosophies and models in different cultural contexts; equivalency of qualifications and coach credentials, as well as questions over standards and governance, as part of a wider debate around professionalization. Coaching then, as with the transfer of knowledge and professionalization in other disciplines, is not immune to ethnocentricity.

Through a combination of adopting a meta-analysis of coaching, supported with narratives of coaching practice drawn from different socio-political/cultural contexts, the aim of this book is to challenge current knowledge, understanding and norms of how coaching is, or should, be practised in different cultural contexts. This book will provide a foundation for further research in coaching as an academic field of study and as an emerging profession. It will resonate with critical scholars, coach educators, and coach practitioners who want to develop their praxis and enhance their reflexivity and be of interest to researchers, academics, and students in the fields of business and leadership, human resource development, organizational learning and development, mentoring and coaching.

Part 1: A Meta-Analysis of Coaching: Roots, Theories and Models Examined through a Critical Lens

1. Introduction

2. A Meta-Analysis of Coaching: Identifying the Main Phenomena within the Field

3. Unpacking the Needs of Coaching (Demand vs Supply of Coaching)

Part 2: Coaching in Practice: Tensions and Dilemmas in Gaining Entry to the Field and Practising as a Credible Coach in Different Contexts

4. Coaching Qualifications, Credentials and Governance

5. Narratives of Coaching in Different Contexts

6. Narratives of being a Customer and Consumers of Coaching Conversations

7. Reflexivity and Reflective Practice in Coaching: How Coaches Learn and Develop from their Practice

Part 3: Contemporary Debates and Dilemmas: Coaching as a Business vs Coaching as a Respected Profession

8. Tensions between the Business of Coaching and the Development of a Profession

9. Reflecting Back looking Forward: Speculating on the Future for Coaching