First published in 1906, this book considers the concept of atonement and suggest that the doctrine of atonement is not an artificial theorem or an inexplicable or unethical dogma, but that it has roots in the foundations of all human life. Lofthouse further argues that the doctrine of atonement is the highest expression of the law of all moral and social progress; and that ethics in itself is of little use as a practical science, unless completed by atonement.

chapter I|25 pages

Ethics in the Bible

chapter II|26 pages

Ethics Outside the Bible

chapter III|30 pages

Duties and Persons

chapter IV|29 pages


chapter V|37 pages


chapter VI|32 pages

Anger and Forgiveness

chapter VII|36 pages

Symbolism and Reality

chapter VIII|28 pages

The God-Man

chapter IX|22 pages


chapter X|33 pages

Atonement and the Race