Originally published in 1982. This book presents a view of how the curriculum should be studied and a model for the teaching of curriculum theory. It looks at each issue clearly and briefly, and without dogmatism, and offers a wide range of practical tasks. These tasks require readers to reflect upon and analyse their preconceptions about teaching; to suggest ways of planning work for their pupils and trying it out; to analyse and evaluate textbooks and worksheets; to study other teachers in action; and to consider alternative ways of organising the curriculum. The ordering is designed to encourage teachers to form systematic strategies for thinking about the curriculum, and to lead to the discussion of matters of principle as a basis for practical choices.



chapter 1|100 pages


chapter 2|76 pages

The content of the curriculum

chapter 3|60 pages

Analysing and evaluating the curriculum

chapter 4|69 pages

The control of the curriculum

chapter 5|5 pages

Coda: the study of the curriculum