First published in 1992, this volume responds to the importance of management has been increasingly recognized in the personal social services but this recognition has materialized more slowly in some social day care settings. Staff in these settings who move on to management can face particular difficulties in adapting to their new role, especially if they have been promoted on the basis of their competence as practitioners.

Newly-promoted managers in social care settings are all too often ill-equipped for the problems and possibilities offered by their move to a management position. As a practice-based handbook, Management Skills in Social Care fills this gap by examining key areas of management expertise such as: managing self; individuals; groups; resources; change; and so on.

Above all, this book is concerned with maximising the contribution of management in day-to-day social care practice.

chapter 1|9 pages

Social care management in transition

chapter 2|19 pages

Managing yourself

chapter 4|18 pages

Managing others: staff in groups

chapter 5|5 pages

Managing resources

chapter 6|12 pages

Managing external links

chapter 7|7 pages

Managing to train