Freud wrote that the greatest problem facing humanity is its destructive urge. There is no one factor that solves the issue. The Challenge of Being Human explores tendencies that make us up and capacities that try to meet them. The shock of ourselves is perennial. We are challenged by our own aliveness and a need to open doors as yet unknown. We are not done evolving, growing, learning, feeling, caring. Growth of capacity to tolerate and work with experience is part of our evolutionary challenge. This book seeks to support us in whatever ways we can begin to meet this challenge.

chapter One|10 pages

Alternate infinities

chapter Two|13 pages

Psychopathy in everyday life

chapter Three|11 pages

Image, fullness, void

chapter Four|9 pages

Where are we going?

chapter Five|12 pages

Thinking about squirrels

chapter Six|12 pages

O, orgasm, and beyond

chapter Seven|5 pages

Just beginning: ethics of the unknown

chapter Eight|4 pages

Life kills, aliveness kills

chapter Nine|11 pages


chapter Ten|13 pages

Leaving and the impossible place

chapter Eleven|13 pages

Giving it a try

chapter Twelve|6 pages

Affect images and states

chapter Thirteen|11 pages

Everything human; hidden sprouts and psyche talk *