First published in 1951. The purpose of this study was to consider the prospects of the British Co-operative movement in all its main aspects and not as a consumers’ movement only. The author examines ways in which the Co-operative enterprise, in its various forms, could best be fitted into the economic structure of the coming society. This title will be of great interest to scholars and students of labour history.

chapter Chapter I|15 pages

British Co-operation and its Leaders

chapter Chapter II|9 pages

The Ideals of Co-operation

chapter Chapter III|21 pages

Co-operative Trade and Prospects

chapter Chapter IV|12 pages

Co-operative Resources – Man-Power and Distribution

chapter Chapter V|22 pages

The Socialisation of Retail Trade

chapter Chapter VI|7 pages

The Case of Industrial Insurance

chapter Chapter VII|17 pages

Wholesaling—The Food Trades

chapter Chapter VIII|9 pages

Wholesaling—Other Trades

chapter Chapter IX|8 pages

A Survey of Co-Operative Production

chapter Chapter X|11 pages

The Future of Co-Operative Production

chapter Chapter XI|11 pages

Co-Operative Employment

chapter Chapter XII|8 pages