Originally published in 1943, recognising the importance of early education, this title looked at a way forward for creating a "Common School" for all children. At a time when most attention was focused on secondary education, this title outlines a plan for primary state education, much of it suggested by experience in elementary schools, along with the author’s own research and reflection. Today it can be read and enjoyed in its historical perspective.

part |1 pages

Part I

chapter Chapter I|8 pages

The Impotence of Intellect

chapter Chapter II|11 pages

The Importance of Instinct

chapter Chapter III|11 pages

Instinct at Work—and Out of Work

chapter Chapter IV|8 pages

Search for a System

chapter Chapter V|14 pages

A Classification of Human Instincts

part |1 pages

Part II

chapter Chapter VI|15 pages

All’s Wrong that Starts Wrong

A Chapter of Accidents

chapter Chapter VII|9 pages

The Report of the Consultative Committee, 1931

chapter Chapter VIII|9 pages

The Light That Failed

chapter Chapter IX|7 pages

The Evolution of the Activity School—I

chapter Chapter X|8 pages

The Evolution of the Activity School—II

chapter Chapter XI|8 pages

The School Versus the Economic System

part |1 pages

Part III

chapter Chapter XII|7 pages

A Junior Common School

chapter Chapter XIII|13 pages

By the Children, for the Children