First published in 1995, this volume uncovered a wealth of low-cost, good quality material for use in the classroom. Author David Brown has been teaching in primary, middle and secondary schools for 23 years. It was through David’s need to resource topics that he uncovered this material.

Goldmine places these resources into topic areas, describes them and tells you where you can get them from. Since the first edition in 1985, Goldmine has developed into the country’s leading directory of free and sponsored teaching resources, providing the wherewithal to obtain over 6000 resources from some 235 suppliers.

Budget-conscious schools will find it saves its purchase price many times over, and parents and teachers are safe in the knowledge that all the items described in here are personally recommended by a teacher, the compiler himself.

chapter |60 pages

Life on Earth

chapter |10 pages

Planet Earth and Space

chapter |26 pages


chapter |18 pages


chapter |12 pages


chapter |24 pages

Food and Farming

chapter |22 pages


chapter |16 pages

Towns and Construction Technology

chapter |10 pages

Science and Technology

chapter |22 pages

World Geography

chapter |36 pages