MediaWriting is an invaluable resource for students planning to enter the dynamic and changing world of media writing in the twenty-first century. With easy-to-read chapters, a wealth of updated, real-world examples, and helpful "How To" boxes throughout, this textbook explains the various styles of writing for print, broadcast, online, social media, public relations, and multimedia outlets. Some of the features included in the book are:

  • A re-written Chapter 13, Writing and Reporting in the New New Media, with updates to how social media is used today
  • Expanded chapters on print reporting methods and the Associated Press Stylebook
  • Updates to Chapters 5 and 6, Legal Considerations in Media Writing, and Ethical Decisions in Writing and Reporting, discuss recent court cases and current ethical issues
  • Explanatory "How To" boxes that help readers understand and retain main themes
  • Illustrative "It Happened to Me" vignettes from the authors’ professional experiences
  • Discussion questions and exercises at the end of every chapter

Designed to meet the needs of students of print and broadcast media, public relations, or a wannabe jack-of-all trades in the online media environment, this reader-friendly primer will equip beginners with the skills necessary to succeed in their chosen writing field.

chapter 1|20 pages

Communication Theory and News Values

chapter 2|39 pages

Fundamentals of Writing and Editing

chapter 3|21 pages

Crafting Leads and Observing Style

chapter 4|26 pages

Writing and Reporting the News

chapter 5|25 pages

Legal Considerations in Media Writing

chapter 6|21 pages

Ethical Decisions in Writing and Reporting

chapter 7|25 pages

The Art of Interviewing

chapter 8|31 pages

Research from Documents and Other Sources

chapter 10|20 pages

Feature Writing

chapter 11|24 pages

Preparing Broadcast Copy

chapter 12|36 pages

Reporting for Radio and Television

chapter 13|18 pages

Writing and Reporting in the New New Media

chapter 14|25 pages

Preparing Publicity Releases

chapter 15|15 pages

Writing for Organizational Media

chapter 16|13 pages

Advocacy and Speech Writing