First published in 1998, this volume explores the Royal Navy which had most of its greatest triumphs in the decades up to 1815, but has received relatively little study of its social life and shipboard administration, beyond popular myth and sensational accounts. This volume starts with the formal structure of naval discipline, with Admiralty instructions and captains' orderbooks. It then looks at how things really happened, using diaries, medical journals, petitions, court martial reports and even the menu book of a semi-literate steward. It reveals many strong characters and colourful incidents of shipboard life, while providing material for study.

part B|2 pages

Captains‘ Orders

chapter |21 pages


chapter 5|27 pages

Captain‘s Orders, HMS Pegasus, 1786-88

chapter 6|64 pages

Captain‘s Orders, HMS Amazon, 1799

part C|2 pages

Other Orders

chapter |5 pages


chapter 9|11 pages

Marine Orders, 1796-99

part D|2 pages

Ship Organisation

part E|2 pages

Discipline and Punishment

part F|2 pages

The Crew

chapter |4 pages


chapter 24|1 pages

Petition, HMS Weasel, 1795

chapter 25|1 pages

Petition, HMS Blanche, 1795

chapter 26|1 pages

Petition, HMS Reunion, 1795

chapter 27|1 pages

Petition, HMS Eurydice, 1796

chapter 28|2 pages

Petition, HMS Prosperine, 1797

chapter 29|3 pages

Petitions, HMS Adamant, 1798

chapter 30|1 pages

Petition, HMS Chatham, 1798

chapter 31|1 pages

Petition, HMS Defiance, 1798

chapter 32|1 pages

Petition, HMS Terpsichore, c. 1800

chapter 33|1 pages

Petition, HMS Canopus, c. 1806

chapter 35|1 pages

Petition, HMS Centaur, c 1812

chapter 36|2 pages

Crew of The Dromedary, 1793

chapter 37|10 pages

Description Book, HMS Blake, 1808

part G|2 pages


chapter |1 pages


part H|2 pages

Medical Journals

chapter |6 pages


chapter 43|4 pages

Surgeon‘s Journal. HMS Alfred, 1798

chapter 44|2 pages

Surgeon‘s Journal, HMS Theseus

chapter 45|1 pages

Surgeon‘s Journal, HMS Ethalion

chapter 46|1 pages

Surgeon‘s Journal, HMS Vanguard

chapter 47|2 pages

Surgeon‘s Journal, HMS Daedalus

chapter 48|6 pages

Surgeon‘s Journal, HMS Terpsichore, 1802

chapter 50|3 pages

Surgeon‘s Journal, HMS Araxes

part I|2 pages


part J|2 pages


chapter |5 pages


chapter 56|6 pages

Admiral Digby‘s Menu Book

chapter 57|13 pages

Extracts From Books by Admiral Patton

chapter |14 pages

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