At times children are unable or unwilling to access or engage with emotional and mental health support services. Often members of a child’s support network are therefore required to provide this emotional guidance and support to them. This resource book is intended to be used as a guide by families and friends, school staff, and any other adults supporting children who have experienced trauma, to help the adults to provide the emotional guidance these children need.

Guide to Re-building Trust with Traumatised Children aims to educate the reader about trauma and the impact of an insecure attachment – how it may impact a child, how to support a child – as well as helping the reader to understand different behaviours. The guide suggests many practical ideas and activities designed to help children to build more positive relationships, to feel safe within their world, and to express and explore their emotions. There is a section on self-care for adults, and advice about when a referral to a specialist service may be required.

This guide was designed to be used by any person supporting a child who has experienced trauma or an insecure attachment, no matter what their previous understanding of these issues might be. It is specifically written to be as accessible and as user friendly as possible to help rather than hinder the user. It can be used alone or together with the storybook The House That Wouldn’t Fall Down.

chapter |2 pages


chapter |2 pages


chapter 1|2 pages

Trauma and attachment

chapter 2|8 pages

Supporting children

chapter 3|2 pages

My back pack

chapter 4|2 pages

Brain education

chapter 5|3 pages

Communication and calming

chapter 6|5 pages


chapter 7|4 pages


chapter 8|5 pages


chapter 9|4 pages

Senses and making connections

chapter 10|4 pages

Expressing emotion

chapter 11|2 pages

Key person activities

chapter 12|1 pages

Movement breaks

chapter 13|18 pages


chapter 14|4 pages

Additional support