Letters to a New Student is a study skills book with a twist. You decide how to read it.

Based on a series of short, informal, problem page letters that you can read in any order, the book uses principles of human psychology, teaching, and coaching practice to offer a refreshing approach to study skills and learning techniques. The letters form a brief ‘survive and thrive’ study guide to work smarter not harder and offer advice on topics such as motivation, stress, revision, and assignments. It’s a tried-and-tested, blueprint to make information stick with less effort.

The book takes a holistic approach to learning. It covers health and wellbeing, the ‘nuts-and-bolts’ shortcuts, the obstacles, and the pitfalls. It also includes short learning principles and cross-references to other entries, with practical advice in response to the frequently asked questions many students ask during their studies.

Letters to a New Student is for any student under pressure, parents and family who want to offer support, or anyone with interest in lifelong learning. It’s written by a psychologist, teacher, academic coach, and advice columnist, with over 20 years professional experience.

chapter 1|5 pages

An Intro of Sorts …

chapter 2|8 pages


How attitudes shape how we learn

chapter 3|7 pages


How stress affects learning, how to relax, and why a little stress is a good thing

chapter 4|8 pages


How health factors impact on brain function, emotions, mental states, and learning

chapter 5|10 pages


How to get started, how to manage time, and stay on track

chapter 6|9 pages


How to work smarter not harder – using human psychology rather than fighting it

chapter 7|7 pages


How where we learn affects how we learn

chapter 8|8 pages


How to deal with the emotional ups-and-downs of studying

chapter 9|9 pages


How active learning strategies beat passive approaches

chapter 10|10 pages


How to get your point across in essays, presentations, and team work

chapter 11|8 pages


How to prepare for exams, and make knowledge stick

chapter 12|8 pages


How to help other people to help you

chapter |2 pages

Summary of Learning Principles

Your 12-point summary of ‘learning how to learn’

chapter |2 pages

A Bit of an Outro …

A note on who gets the final word

chapter |2 pages

The Exam

Questions to guide your reading and ones you should be able to answer after reading this book

chapter |2 pages

About the Author

chapter |1 pages

Get in Touch …