First published in 1946. In this study of Russian theatre, the author explores the developments of drama and the theatre throughout the nineteenth-century. Macleod examines imperial and serf theatres, the impact of Russian drama on the east and west, and the regeneration of theatre at the start of the twentieth-century. This title will be of great interest to students of Theatre Studies and Russian History.

part One|1 pages

Old World

chapter Chapter I|20 pages

Imperial Theatres

chapter Chapter II|12 pages

Slave Theatres

part Two|1 pages

Old World

chapter Chapter III|12 pages

The Coming of the Professional Manager

chapter Chapter IV|19 pages

Stars, Officials and A People’s Theatre

chapter Chapter V|20 pages

Strolling and Touring Players

chapter Chapter VI|23 pages

The Seagull and the Petrel

part Three|1 pages

The War: First Aspect

chapter Chapter VII|49 pages


chapter Chapter VIII|32 pages

Impacts Of East And West

part Four|1 pages

The War

chapter Chapter IX|28 pages

Brigades At The Front

chapter Chapter X|10 pages

Brigades At The Rear

chapter Chapter XI|21 pages

War Plays Of Fact, Fiction And Fancy

part Five|1 pages

New World

chapter Chapter XII|22 pages

War and Peace

chapter Chapter XIII|11 pages

The Young

chapter Chapter XIV|9 pages

Odds And Ends

chapter Chapter XV|13 pages