This book, first published in 1989, compares, contrasts and evaluates the nature, scale and direction of industry-academic interactions in Britain and Japan: the conversion of academic discoveries into practical products. Japan shows its outstanding ability to translate scientific ideas into high technology products. Within this wider investigation, detailed consideration is given to the manner in which these interactions promote innovation and technology transfer. The information in this study provides a perspective against which decisions can be made about industry-education interaction arrangements, and much of this information is largely unavailable outside Japan.

chapter |6 pages


part I|51 pages

Research and development methods and expenditures

chapter Chapter one|24 pages

Research and development expenditure

chapter Chapter two|24 pages

Implementation of research and development

part II|64 pages

Systems of Academic — Industrial Interaction

chapter Chapter four|22 pages

Industrial—academic interaction: assessment

part III|66 pages

Case studies of industry — education and co-operation

chapter Chapter five|20 pages

Case studies: Japan

chapter Chapter six|44 pages

Case studies: Britain

part IV|49 pages

European Community initiatives

chapter Chapter seven|20 pages

European Community initiatives

part V|27 pages

Evaluation and conclusions

chapter Chapter eight|25 pages

Evaluation and conclusions