This book, first published in 1988, assembles a key pool of references in English to help study the ‘Japanese economic challenge’ of the 1980s. Collectively, these writings chronicle the historical, social and cultural background of Japan’s spectacular industrial take-off. They describe, analyse and interpret the diverse manifestations of Japan’s economic growth.

chapter Chapter 1|6 pages

A. Reference Materials

chapter Chapter 3|40 pages

C. Background To The Japanese Economy

chapter Chapter 4|40 pages

D. Industrial Policy

chapter Chapter 5|52 pages

E. Trade and Trade Relations

chapter Chapter 6|26 pages

F. Labor, Employment, Social Policy, Women

chapter Chapter 7|18 pages

G. The Japanese Corporate World

chapter Chapter 8|30 pages

H. Japanese Management

chapter Chapter 9|26 pages

I. Productivity; Quality; Quality Control

chapter Chapter 11|6 pages

K. Response To The Japanese Challenge