Originally published in 1927, this was a book written specially for teachers and parents, based upon the writer’s practical experience and research. It deals with the fundamental importance of play in the child’s development and as a basis for all education. A set of 74 games, arranged by Miss Amy Whateley, is appended, in four groups according to the four play periods of childhood. Today it can be read and enjoyed in its historical context.

chapter Chapter I|3 pages


chapter Chapter II|9 pages

The Play Theories

chapter Chapter III|10 pages

Types of Play Animal Play

chapter Chapter IV|16 pages

The Play Periods

chapter Chapter V|6 pages

Play and Sex

chapter Chapter VI|5 pages

Rhythm in Play

chapter Chapter VII|11 pages

The Relation of Play to work

chapter Chapter VIII|14 pages

I. Modern Social Movements Based on the Play Impulse

chapter Chapter IX|3 pages